Our Mission

We’re “Raise the Bar” because we believe it’s time for us humans to raise our awareness and understanding of true health. The planet and it’s people are in turmoil, and it is high time we all stepped up to do our positive part, to nudge our planet’s growth in the right direction.  We are taking our knowledge, experience and desire for truth, and putting it to good use here on this website, and with our individual clients.

The driving force behind RTBW is the desire to help raise the wellness, self-awareness and consciousness of each person we come into contact with.  Self awareness breeds better life, love and health choices, which in turn breeds more happiness and wellness. If each one of us can become healthier and more peaceful, it will make a big difference in the world.

It's time...

It takes consistent inner reflection to truly understand what you need to be happy, well, and growing. It takes knowledge to truly understand what options are out there for you, as far as alternative health care, self-awareness practices, supplements, foods, and more.

At Raise the Bar Wellness, we are dedicated to personal growth and emotional, physical and spiritual wellness. We are also stubborn and intensely curious, constantly looking for better and better ways to help people take care of themselves. If our questions don’t find the best answers, we ask better questions. Our health is important and so is yours. With so many options for self-care in the world, it can be hard to decide what’s best. We’re here to help you figure that out, by:

  • Researching health-related topics and cutting straight to the point in our health blog
  • Providing support and encouragement for your own self-awareness
  • Offering you vitamins and supplements from some of the most innovative, research-based supplement manufacturers on the planet

We’re the tough-love kind here, and we believe that it is each person’s responsibility to choose:

  • Better and healthier thoughts
  • Social and love connections that reflect your values and inspire you to be your best selves
  • Find supplement support that is grounded in integrity, quality, and research
  • Choose self-care practices that keep you on a path to deeper wellness and fulfillment

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