Feeling Down?

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There are some simple ways you can shift the doldrums…

On a day when you’re feeling down, what are some ways you can raise your mood, vibration, and outlook?

1. Go outside! The fresh air, sunlight or moonlight, and change of scenery is a pick-me-up for your brain. Clear out stagnant thoughts by surrounding yourself with scenery that inspires awe. Beauty is bigger than the crippling emotions you feel stuck in and can help pull you out of those thoughts, reminding you that there are bigger and more beautiful things that exist.

2. Move your body. Movement brings fresh blood flow to your brain and increases the amount of oxygen coursing through your system. This has an energizing effect and can help increase endorphins, which perk up your mood.

3. Talk to someone or listen to a speaker that offers an uplifting perspective. Again, when you focus on something or someone outside of what you’re going through, it helps your problems feel a little smaller. Simply listening to what someone else has to say can shift your focus away from the problem at hand. Even if you only do this for 5 minutes, the negative thought rut you were in has been disrupted.

We all have down days. We all have times when we feel absolutely stuck in a situation, and cannot see our way out. There are many simple ways to shift your thoughts, feelings, and energy when this happens. If it helps, keep a list of things that help you get “unstuck” in your pocket, drawer, purse, or car. Keep them close to you for when you need a reminder.

It’s important to be willing to try even the small things in order to help yourself feel better. Even if these activities only help make you feel 10% better, are they worth it to you? Sometimes that 10% can be the difference between a terrible day, and a day that was actually not so bad. The more you practice these little things in your life, the more they become normal. As someone who has grappled with depression and anxiety for decades, I can tell you that these simple things can be a lifeline.

Doing little things that are good for you on a regular basis subconsciously communicates to you that you’ve got your own back. Sometimes that’s all you need to make the difference. At the end of the day, it’s not that you need other people to take care of you or to change your past. What you need is to develop a healthy relationship with yourself. It’s one of the most important things you can do for mental and physical wellness. If you can depend on yourself to make healthy choices then you won’t depend on others to take care of you as much. In addition, a healthy relationship with yourself broadcasts a sense of well-being and dependability to others.


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