Overcoming “I Can’t”

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The beauty behind our own resistance

Our thoughts can be stronger than the force of gravity.

No matter how much will a person has, the simple phrase “I can’t” can stop them in their tracks without them even noticing it happened.

I watch people convince themselves that they can’t do something, on a weekly basis.

I watch them speaking and I listen to their words, and all the while I see someone so capable, so strong, so smart. I see someone who doesn’t notice that they’ve pushed down their own power, with their own thoughts.

I have so much empathy for this. We’re all human. We talk ourselves out of what we desire, on the daily.

The beautiful part?

…Is that we NEED to not believe in ourselves sometimes, because on the occasion when we push through our internal “no’s” and “I can’t’s” and succeed at something we thought we couldn’t do before…the growth is like a mushroom cloud. It’s an explosion of realization. It's emotional, it's energetic.

The impact is long-term and unforgettable BECAUSE we spent so much time thinking we couldn’t succeed before we actually did.

We hold ourselves back like a taut rubber band, and then, when we finally let the rubber band go…? Snap! With all that built up force, we shoot ourselves way past what we thought our limits were.

I love working with people because of this. There is so much beauty in every human. I get to see self-love and pride dawn in the eyes of my clients. It is the best, most rewarding gift a person can witness.

We are not meant to constantly be happy and feel capable.

We’re meant to LEARN that we’re capable. The learning is the gift. Without ups and downs, life would be mundane. There would be no impact when we finally learn a lesson. We would not grow past our previous abilities.

What is held within your rubber band?

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