Introduction to Affirmations


 Affirmations are one of the most powerful transformation tools you can get your hands on, if you use them consistently. Consistently using positive thinking and affirmations can have many far-reaching healing effects on your body, mind and emotions. They can help raise your vibration, allowing you to see your own value, and helping you see toxic situations around you more clearly. With a higher vibration and a positive attitude, it will be easier for you to make decisions that actually get you out of, and keep you out of, toxic situations. 


By using a consistent affirmation practice, you will draw situations and people to you that are in a vibration similar to your new, higher vibration. This rule of magnetism is true no matter what your vibration. So if you are vibrating in the frequency of anger, you will likely draw situations and people to you who bring anger with them, and/or create more anger within you. On the opposite side of the spectrum, if you are vibrating in the frequency of gratitude, you will draw situations and/or people to you who are also vibrating in the frequency of gratitude. If you can keep your vibration positive and life-affirming, then you are much more likely to be turned off by anyone vibrating at a lower frequency, and drawn to those who have a higher, more positive vibration. 


Affirmations can help interrupt a negative pattern of thinking. If you’re feeling stuck in negative thinking, judgment, anger, blame, self-hate, etc., positive self-affirmations can derail that thinking by replacing it with something completely different. Your brain will want to adjust to the new ‘food’ (thought) you’re feeding it, and so will create other thoughts and feelings that fit with the new ‘food’ (thought) you’re giving it. You don’t have to believe the affirmations, at first. You can pick those that you know you need to hear/ think, and even though you don’t believe them at first, saying them consistently will help you begin to believe them. 


If your affirmations simply bring you a slightly more positive thought or outlook, then you have accomplished something. The more consistent you are with your affirmations, the more they will positively affect you. You may notice a difference in how you feel right away, or you may have to wait until you have been consistently using the affirmations in order to feel a difference. I encourage you to do your affirmations for 21 days straight. However, if you can accomplish at least five days in a row, that is a strong start. I’ve found that you don’t have to do the same affirmation every day in order to be successful in this practice. As long as you are using some kind of affirmations on a daily basis, for a period of time, you will feel and see a difference. 


You can pick any affirmations from the list below. Pick as many as you like, and write them down. I will often write mine down and keep them on a piece of paper that I will see often throughout the day. Writing them down, and repeatedly noticing the paper as you walk by, even if you don’t read them multiple times in a day, will help the positive thoughts get into your subconscious. Keep it on a slip of paper in your pocket, or near your gear shift in your car. Anytime you touch the paper, or see it, it will bring with it a rush or memory of the affirmations you wrote down. Even just seeing that slip of paper is a reminder that you’re doing something to take care of yourself. This, in itself, can be very healing for you.


After using this practice for a significant amount of time, subconsciously you will start to learn that you can depend on yourself to be a positive force in your own life. Remember, you are in a relationship with yourself every day. The unspoken wish we have is that we can depend on ourselves. By consistently acting in ways that build up our health and physical/ mental wellness, we build self-trust. It is the most important kind of trust. If we cannot trust ourselves to make healthy decisions for our own wellness, then how can we expect ourselves to be drawn to others we can trust? By growing habits that take care of our needs in a healthy way, we set the bar for others who we allow into our lives.

Repeating self-affirmations is a great habit to grow, and can replace other, more self-defeating thought and action habits.


Follows is a list of over 50 powerful self-affirmations. Each day, pick at least 2 affirmations for yourself. Close your eyes, and/ or breathe, and repeat each one 5 to 10 times. Pay attention to how you feel. You should feel a little lighter, more expansive, or even happier. Sometimes a feeling of self-love will emerge, though this is not the case for everyone. I find that when a person is in a particularly challenging time in life, they don’t always feel better on the first day of their affirmation practice. The more challenged and unhappy you feel in your life, the more important it is to stick with an affirmation practice. I liken this to pouring light into the darkness. Sometimes, you need a lot of light to dispel the darkness you are in. Stick with your self-affirmations. If you don’t feel motivated to do this practice, that’s ok. It’s important to take on healthy habits even when you don’t feel like it.  Motivation will come over time, as you stick to those positive habits. Once your subconscious learns that an affirmation practice feels good, then you will feel more motivated to continue it. For now, even if you want to practice affirmations, but you don’t feel motivated to do them, start doing them anyway. Treat it like brushing your teeth or drinking water. It may not be an exciting activity, but it’s something you need to do to take care of yourself. 

I hope you enjoy this list of affirmations and they bring you whatever you are looking for. 




I am.

I am well.

I am valuable.

I am vibrant.

I trust myself.

I am abundant.

I trust my intuition.

I am healing in every moment.

I was born with a talent.

I am talented.

I deserve respect.

I am successful in all that I do.

I attract well being.

I attract positivity.

I attract abundance.

I am abundance.

I vibrate at a higher and higher frequency each day.

I am growing.

I trust myself.

I am on my path.

I am lovable.

I am desirable.

I am beautiful. 

I am cherished.

I am surrounded by loving vibrations.

I am a vibrational being.

I learn from my mistakes. 

I draw only loving people into my life.

I magnetize only toward loving people. 

I am drawn toward healthy situations.

I am drawn toward fulfilling love relationships.

I am surrounded by a loving and supportive group of friends.

My relationships improve on a daily basis.

I am surrounded by abundance.

I am surrounded by supportive beings.

I am manifesting everything I need.

I am drawn toward helpful people.

I am drawn toward lucrative work situations.

I deserve abundance.

I deserve wellness.

I am vibrantly healthy.

I have a loving, supportive family.

I am drawn toward situations that help me grow.

I am grateful.

I am attractive.

I am confident.

I am capable of great things.

I am fulfilling all of my goals. 

I am deeply fulfilled by my choices.

I am in my vortex.

I am a valuable friend. 

I am a good mom/dad.

I love myself.

I love my life. 

I love this path that I’m on. 

I am getting closer and closer to my goals every day.

I am learning. 

I am healthy.

My health improves on a daily basis.

I love who I am. 

I am perfect just the way I am. 

I can accomplish anything. 

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