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Melissa, the owner of Raise the Bar Wellness, is a mom of two boys. She lives in Arizona.

Melissa started working with people on their healing journeys in 2002, when she lived in upstate NY, as a Reiki practitioner. She had always been intuitive, and always had a knack of sensing when someone was in pain, whether it be emotional or physical, since she was a child. Reiki was the original system she used to begin sensing where exactly this pain harbored in people’s bodies. She moved to Arizona in 2003, and in 2004 began a year-long program in Swedish Massage Therapy, Zen Shiatsu and Chinese medicine. There, she spent over 1,250 hours studying with teachers in various modalities, and participating in public massage therapy and Zen Shiatsu clinics. Toward the end of the 1-year program, she became a teaching assistant in Zen Shiatsu and Swedish Massage Therapy classes. 

Early in her career, as a Massage Therapist, she focused on work with Cancer patients and their families. As she entered her mid-thirties, she started avidly practicing CrossFit, which she continued for over 6 years. As her love of exercise grew, her professional focus shifted to working with professional, semi-professional and competitive athletes, both in her office and at their competitive events. She also worked extensively with individuals who had chronic pain, or suffered from accidental injuries. As of 2012, her specializations expanded to include surgical rehab, scar tissue mobilization, lymphatic challenges and infertility issues. Her intuition, understanding of the body, and willingness to investigate and solve issues that doctors could not, made her a go-to in the field for clients who wanted to be at the top of their competitive game, and conversely, those clients who were trying to keep themselves off of the surgical table.

Throughout the years, Melissa found that her clients’ physical pain was never just physical. There was always an emotional, spiritual and/or energetic component to it as well. When she started to address the various underlying aspects of her clients’ pain, including their health choices outside of her office, her success in supporting her clients to reach lasting positive change tripled. Her ability to sense the layers of blockages within a person grew as her awareness and understanding of herself grew. She has spent many years studying the books and teachings of Wayne Dyer, Louise Hay, Abraham-Hicks, Neal Donald Walsch, Lisa Nichols, Dolores Cannon, and many others. The more self-work and self-growth she did, the more she became able to sense health and habit blockages in others. She started receiving more intuitive information for her clients.  Melissa believes that life is a spiritual experience, and that our spiritual purpose is to truly know ourselves on multiple levels, and to evolve emotionally and spiritually. 

Starting in 2017, after many years of success in massage therapy, she completed programs in personal training and health coaching. Melissa also began offering supplement sales to expand the support she offers her clientele. She uses her intuitive abilities in all of the services she offers, including supplement recommendations. As of 2019, she has given over 15,000 massages in her career, and worked with well over 1,000 people. She has trained many individuals in the aging population how to regain their strength, stamina, flexibility, and confidence, and has helped countless others find direction, strength and honesty on their life path.

Melissa has always, since she was a child, consciously been on a spiritual journey. She is a recovering Codependent and Adult Child of Alcoholism, and has been on the recovery path for over 14 years. This is one reason why she resonates with people who are on a conscious healing path, and has created this business as a guiding force for people who are actively healing and improving their lives.

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