The owner of Raise the Bar Wellness
is passionate about helping women realize their value
and heal their lives on profound levels.

Melissa provides women with the opportunity to increase energy, happiness, and self-connection through her health coaching programs. She has designed three. Each one provides a different depth and scope, depending on what you'd like to work on.


Which program is good for me?

We currently have two programs: 'The Woman, Empowered Program', and our Evergreen Program "Every Day Empowerment".
To figure out which program suits your needs best, click the "Get Started" button and fill out the form. At the end of the form, you can request a phone call from our Behavior Change Specialist, Health Coach and Owner, Melissa Raise!

Women Empowered Program

This program is designed to create and fulfill a specific goal, within a 6-week period.

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Every Day Empowerment

This is a year-long program. Its purpose is to shift the trajectory of your life. Maybe you haven't been able to live the life you had hoped for? Maybe you'd just like to accomplish more on a regular basis, and you know you could do it if you had someone by your side on a daily and weekly basis. If so, this program is for you!

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What people are saying about working with Melissa:

“The breadth of Melissa’s knowledge and understanding of the human body (along with its ties to other layers of human thought, emotion, and experience) is staggering and deeply impressive.”

Chris J.


“If you haven’t experienced Melissa in action you are missing out. She is highly intuitive and seems to know exactly what you need when you need it. Spend some time with her and you will feel that she has helped you surface what you’ve been looking for that will unlock whatever is blocking your true happiness.”

Erica H.

“I started seeing Melissa for postural correction/ general strengthening in 2017, and immediately I sensed deep wisdom and listening that went beyond the body to the mind and spirit. While she incorporates and encourages bodily movement, she is adept at diving into the real core of the heart, helping unpack hang ups and anxieties and habits of being — it’s Life Coaching at its bravest and most loving.”

Kimberly M.

“Heard about Melissa through a friend and it was one of the best recommendations we’ve ever received. Her knowledge of the body is incredible and she helped to diagnose and treat my shoulder girdle issues that other therapists couldn’t seem to figure out. When my wife and I visit Tucson, we make it a “must” to see Melissa, regardless of whether we are here for just a few days or weeks. She is fantastic!”

Dave D.

"In my years experience as a huge purveyor of alternative therapies and consultations, the market place is full of a lot individuals just breaking into the self-help business, however, if you are looking for a customized, reliable, safe, sustainable and authentic approach to improving your life, and your body, I would contact Melissa".

Shelly N.

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