Sync Up Supplement
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Sync Up

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Does your child struggle with behavior problems or does he avoid social engagement? A novel substance found in a common household vegetable can help. Sulforaphane, from broccoli sprouts, is a superhero free-radical fighter. It is especially helpful for children who struggle with healthy brain function.*

Grandma told us to eat our broccoli a hundred times but now science is proving her right. Sulforaphane, the key ingredient in sync up, supercharges the body’s ability to fight against free-radical damage. Sulforaphane activates a special protein in our cells, called Nrf2, which ramps up each cell’s immune defenses. With these superpowers, cells are better protected from damage and injury.

Sulforaphane tunes up and helps to synchronize all of the different components of the nervous system. That means improved behavior, language, communication, and eye contact. Children may seem less irritable, and more calm and relaxed.*
Sulforaphane nourishes and protects cells so they can function at their best. Healthy brain cells have an easier time communicating with the rest of the nervous system. The result? Your son or daughter may seem happier, less stressed, and have better focus. They may be more interested in social interaction. Say goodbye to the days of angry outbursts and nervous habits. With sync up, you and your child will be more confident and comfortable going to movies, restaurants, or on vacation.*

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